Email Marketing Service

$69.99 / month

Automagically created email newsletters sent monthly or more. Email newsletters or email marketing is still by far and away the BEST way to get a high return on investment. Our email newsletter service will keep your brand top of mind for your clients, keep them informed of new products or services and share helpful tips. We can create and send newsletters with or WITHOUT direct content from you. Don’t wait another day to start marketing to your email list.

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Email Newsletter Service

What's Included?

  • Newsletter Creation - We create two* beautiful, easy to read, mobile friendly email newsletters for your business each month.
  • Email List Growth** - We embed a newsletter sign up form on your website
  • User Content - Need or want something specific added to one of you monthly email newsletters? No problem! Send it to our dedicated help desk.
  • Automated Publishing - We automatically send your email newsletters to your email list every month. No more forgetting to send it out each month.
  • Custom Scheduling - We can send your newsletter at a specific time and day if needed.
  • Custom Branding - Every email newsletter is custom branded and formatted for your business. This includes your brand colors, fonts and logos.

Save Time & Resources

Keeping your business in front of your past clients or potential clients is very important. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to do just that. Our automated publishing system sends your email newsletters out like clockwork. No time consuming reviewing, editing and approving templates and text. Your newsletter is crafted from your own content you already published, on social media channels. Cross promoting your social media content in your email newsletter is one of the best ways to make sure your brand is being seen by as many eyeballs as possible.

Additional Benefits

As your business grows and changes you can keep your current customers up to date and potentially turn them into repeat customers. This turns your email marketing into a great way to increase profits for just pennies a day. Email marketing with email newsletters continues to be one of the best returns on invenstment any business can hope for. The best part is, we have a fully automated way to send your email newsletters.

Start sending beautiful email newsletters to your clients today with our email newsletter service.

*We will send one newsletter a month unless you need two a month for your business. This can be on a month to month basis. Just contact our help desk for help and information.
**Email list growth is only availble if you also have our Premium Website Design service.


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