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The Birth of a Digital Marketing Company

An all American Story


Charles Heitz is the Founder and President of HD Marketing. Over a decade ago he was just starting up his first business which was a small electronics repair business. The interenet was starting to grow and his new business was in electronics so he decided to put ALL of the company’s advertising dollars into a new fancy website.

Several months after the launch of the new website, Charles reached out to the local website design company to ask why he still was not getting any leads.

The web design company simply replied “we did what you hired us to do, build a website”. This was unacceptable. From that point he was determined to make this new website generate business for himself so, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.


Disappointment Turned To Opportunity

Learning to turn lemons into lemonade


He studied how Google worked and what they expected from a website in order to be seen in search results. After applying what he found to his electronics repair website, he started getting leads.

In the process of optimizing his own website, he caught the attention of other small businesses in Maryland and started helping those businesses succeed online as well.

It didn’t take long for him to realize where is true passion was. Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Shortly thereafter, he closed the electronics repair business and put everything he had into building his second company. That company is still going today, HD Marketing.

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The process of keeping files and plugins up-to-date, measuring traffic and purging bad and trashed files from your hosting enviroment are what make up website maintenance. Let’s explore the benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance.

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Our Mission

To help small and medium sized businesses succeed online.

Paying It Forward

Thank you.

I wanted to let anyone who reads this know that I appreciate you. I appreciate your time in coming to our website and seeing how we can help your business grow online.

Since the creation of this company, which has seen many changes over the years, my first and foremost objective was to “pay it forward“. The way we do that here at HD Marketing is to offer superior digital marketing services like, website design, basic seo, review management and social media management at affordable prices while NEVER asking you to sign a contract.

I don’t believe that we should force you into a contract but, that our work should speak for itself. It alone should make you want to continue with our services.

Let us know how we can help you succeed online today.


Best Regards,

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Charles Heitz successfully completed the Local SEO course!

No Contracts. Ever.

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Local SEO

Our SEO service will put your website on steroids. We use tools to optimize your site and analyze your competitors.

Social Media Management

You know you need to be on Facebook but, what on earth do you post every day? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Website Design

Get a beautiful, search optimized website that will WOW your visitors and Google will LOVE and send traffic to.


Review Management

Know where and what people are saying about you online? No? Now’s a good time to find out. We’ll make you look great!

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No Contracts. Ever.


No matter what digital marketing services you choose from HD Marketing there is no contract to sign or agree to. We have never and never will force our valuable clients into a long term contract. We believe that our performance, support and services should stand on there own. For over a decade that has been the case.


Choose HD Marketing for all your digital marketing needs.