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Website Design Services

WordPress Website Design

High Performance Websites

Every business needs a reliable, beautiful, search optimized website. We match your website design to your company’s branding, including logo, color and font all while being fully optimized to do well in search engines.


No contracts. Ever.


Built on WordPress, our websites are fully customizable, run fast and are secure. On top of that we started as an SEO company so we know how to make your website get you new customers and clients. Learn more about our WordPress Website Design Service.

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Weebly Website Design

Weebly Websites  Done Right

Weebly is famed for being a “free” to use website builder for “everyone”. Just because you have a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter. With over a decade of web design experience, we use the Weebly platform to offer a lower cost yet, still effective website design service to small businesses and start ups that need to get online FAST. Learn more about our Weebly Website Design service.

WordPress or Weebly?

How to choose the right website service

When it comes to deciding on what the best choice is for your website design needs it could be a difficult to find an answer. There are many things to consider above and beyond budget alone. Check out our website design page where we help you by comparing the differences between using WordPress or Weebly for your website.

It may just come down to flexibility and ability to expand and grow. We offer additional services to help you succeed online for both WordPress and Weebly. In either case you can trust our Maryland website design company with all your website needs.

HD Marketing is the only digital marketing company to offer both Weebly and WordPress website design options. If you find someone else offering these services, tweet us @hdmrkting

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Mobile Optimized Everything

Mobile Websites & More

From websites to social media posts we optimize everything for the mobile world we live in. All you have to do is look in your own pocket in most cases. We can not live without our phones and it’s also becoming the number one way we search and find new things or cosume news and entertainment. Our highly rated Maryland website design company understands the importance of mobile optimization.


No Contracts. Ever.


Fully responsive website designs ensure a uniform feel across all devices while mobile optimized email newsletters are sure to perform.

Powerful WordPress SEO

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Basic SEO & Local SEO

WordPress SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is more and more important for businesses to really see their websites work for them. We offer two options for WordPress website users, a Basic SEO service that covers, the basics and gets you on the right track.

When you are ready step up your websites peformance you can add our Local SEO service which will hyper focus on your local service or target area to really drive locals to your website and  ultimately, your business.

SEO can no longer be overlooked or ignored. The only way to compete online now is to perform some sort of SEO strategy. The internet is getting big and fast.

Weebly SEO

Get more website traffic

Weebly can be optimized and the peferformance increased if you know what you’re doing. We’ve been ranking and increasing traffic to Weebly websites for almost a decade. We have the ability to modify the HTML and CSS files on Weebly websites to include the things that Weebly leaves out.

For example, Weebly only provides an H2 header tag. We can manually code H1’s through H6’s so your website makes more sense to search engines like Google.

Learn more about our exclusive Weebly SEO service to take your website to the next level and really drive some traffic.

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Marketing Services

business directory listing dashboard

Business Directory Listings

Get Found Faster

Having your business listed in top online directories is the same as having it listed in 100’s of different Yellow Pages telephone books. Get your listings and ensure their accuracy on a weekly basis to help drive website traffic. Learn more about how you can get listed online in business directories, fast and affordably!

Review Management

Look Great Online

Collecting positive reviews not only helps potential customers make a decision but, lets Google know what kind of experience customers have had with your business. This can affect your website ranking.

Learn more about our review management service to supercharge your digital marketing.

More Marketing

Social Media Management

Build Brand Authority

Social Media doesn’t have to be confusing or time consuming. We’ve developed a solution that doesn’t break the bank and makes you look great on all social media sites. Learn more about our Social Media Management.


No Contracts. Ever.


Don’t Waste Time

Social media is very important for small businesses but, can be an absolute time suck if you don’t have experience or your employee isn’t ‘into it’.


We strive to provide amazing digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We’ve been helping businesses succed for over a decade.

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No Contracts. Ever.


Our highly rated Maryland website design company was built by NEVER requiring a contract for any services. We stand by this principle. Our work should speak for itself. Trust our digital marketing company for all your marketing needs.


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