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WordPress Website Backups

What is a Website Backup?


A website backup is a snapshot or copy of all of the files that make up your website. This includes code files, databases, images, videos and any plugins or themes used to build your website.

There are many things that you can do to keep your WordPress site safe. WordPress website backups are one of the most important tasks to safeguard your valuable data if the unforeseen happens and you lose crucial data or your site gets hacked.

Having a readily available backup can save you a lot of stress and headaches under such circumstances. It won’t take more than just a few minutes to get your backup file ready and operate the website as usual when you have access to WordPress website backups.

Let’s explore more.

wordpress website backup


Protect yourself from Malware by having a clean website backup ready to go.


Like Malware, clean up after a hacker has invaded by restoring your website from a backup.

Server Crashes

Hardware fails. Fact of life. Restore your website from a backup after a web host failure.

No Contracts

No contracts. Ever. Pay as you go and cancel at any time. (but, that would be silly)

wordpress website backup in action

Website Backup Considerations

What if I accidentially delete something?


Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. What if you accidentally delete an important file on your WordPress site? Human error is quite common when updating your website. Even though there might be other ways to fix such errors, only a few of them are effective compared to restoring a previous WordPress backup.

Daily website backups are ideal for making sure that you have the most up-to-date website files. This is why we take a daily backup and store in four different locations. One on your web host, one in our coporate offices and two on different cloud storage hosts.

Start backing up your website today!

No Contracts. Ever.


Multiple Copies

We store and save 4 backup copies each day and hold them for 7 days total. At any time we have 28 copies of your website on hand.

Free Restoration

No additional charge to have your website completely restored from one of your website backups.


Secure Storage

All copies of your website are stored securely in all locations. Never worry about losing any of your website backup files.

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Website Security

Secure your website BEFORE you get hacked, get malware or to prevent spammers from tanking your website.

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Local listings are like the online Yellow Pages for businesses. We will optimize your listings for accuracy, every week.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is of paramount importance to keeping your website running at its peak performance and speed.

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No Contracts. Ever.


No matter what digital marketing services you choose from HD Marketing there is no contract to sign or agree to. We have never and never will force our valuable clients into a long term contract. We believe that our performance, support and services should stand on there own. For over a decade that has been the case.


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