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How Do I Choose?

HD Marketing offers two robust, performance minded, website design services:

Weebly is a well known, self-hosted content management system. It’s often used by freelancers or individuals to build a templated, “quick and dirty” website for their business.

We use the Weebly Designer Platform which gives us access to more in-depth control and optimization.

We also use WordPress. This is the most popular CMS with many website design agencies. Let’s compare the two so you can decide what is best for your business website.

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All Websites Include…

No Contracts

Don’t be locked into a long, expensive contract for your Website.

Optimized Content

SEO Optimized images and text for your specific product or service.


Unlimited Pages

Whether your website needs 5 pages or 50, the price is the same.


Expert Support

Our team of Website experts are here to help with any questions you have.

Weebly Websites

Fast & Affordable

Our Weebly websites are the easiest and most cost efficient way to get your business online. We have been using Weebly to design and deploy websites for nearly a decade.

Our Weebly website still offer a basic level of SEO optimization to help  your website be found and rank in search engines.

WordPress Websites

Performance Driven

 When you need a website that performs the best it absolutely can, you have to choose WordPress. Along with performance, you would choose WordPress if you need more than just a regular website. 

E-commerce, forums, membership sites and more. Our WordPress websites are built and designed for maximum performance for both your visitors and search engines.

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Fast Facts:

– Currently 50 Million websites use Weebly

– 80 customization apps (not all free)

– Must pay to use custom domain (not with us though)

Why pay for a ‘free’ Weebly website?

By choosing HD Marketing, you are getting our vast experience in modifying Weebly websites to peform better. We also build it for you, instead of you building it.

wordpress logo blue


Fast Facts:

-Currently 455 MILLION websites use WordPress

35% of the internet is on WordPress

1.1 MILLION new domains every 6 months

– Over 54,000 customization plugins available

30.3% of the top 1000 websites use WordPress

No Contracts. Ever.

Still On The Fence?

Can I upgrade from Weebly To WordPress?

Yes. It is possible to start out with a Weebly website and upgrade to a WordPress website. As your business grows you will begin to put more marketing efforts into your digital marketing. Things to consider:


  • We will have to completely re-design your site
  • Weebly is not compatible with WordPress
  • Your WordPress website will look as similar as possible to your Weebly website
  • You will need to change your DNS records as our Weebly and WordPress hosting is different.
  • You may experience some website down time during the transition

Monthly Website Reports

What’s the difference in the reports?

We use different software for auditing Weebly or WordPress websits. While you will recieve a monthly website health report for either website design service, the Weebly report is basic while the WordPress report shows details about actions taken on the site for performance and security.

Weebly simply doesn’t have this ability.

Because we install Google Analytics and Google Search Console tracking codes on all of our websites you will see traffic data including keywords driving traffic and specific traffic sources as well.


website maintenance report example

No Contracts. Ever.

Ready To Blow The Competition Out Of The Water?

I’m ready! How Do I get started?

We have created a really easy way for any business get a new, fast, optimized website. The process is just a few steps away.


  1. Choose either a Weebly or WordPress Website Design Service
  2. Create an Account and Checkout
  3. In 10-14 days receive your website mockup
  4. Approve mockup or request a change
  5. Approved mockup get’s finalized.
  6. Final website sent for approval.
  7. Your website goes live on the internet!

That’s it!  A streamlined way to get a brand new or redesigned website online in less than 30 days in most cases.

Explore More Website Services

Local SEO

Our Local SEO service will put your website on steroids. We use Moz Pro tools to optimize your site and analyze your competitors.

Website Security

Secure your website BEFORE you get hacked, get malware or to prevent spammers from tanking your website.

Website Backups

Don’t wait until it’s too late, start securely backing up your website in the event of server or human error.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is of paramount importance to keeping your website running at its peak performance and speed.

What our clients have said about our Website Design Company.

No Contracts. Ever.


No matter what digital marketing services you choose from HD Marketing there is no contract to sign or agree to. We have never and never will force our valuable clients into a long term contract. We believe that our performance, support and services should stand on there own. For over a decade that has been the case.


Choose HD Marketing for all your digital marketing needs.