Business Directory Service

$499.99 / year

Ensuring your businesses name, phone number and address are correct across 100’s of different business directories is near impossible. We do it all for you, including removing any duplicates. This is done on a weekly basis to ensure accuracy and prevent anyone from editing your listings with false information (yes, this does happen). Sign up today to get your businesses information correct and complete.

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Business Directory Service

What's Included?

  • Business Data Management - Your data (business name, phone number, address, services, etc.) will be actively and continuously sent to top level business directories.
  • Profile Management - Need to update your phone number or address? No problem, we can update your profile across hundreds of business directories.
  • Duplicate Monitoring - Fully automated process of identifying and removing duplicate data entries across all top level business directories.
  • Data Cleansing - Ensure your business location data is consistent, formatted correctly and cleand up on a continuous basis.

Consistent Business Location Data

Making sure your business location data is correct and formatted right is very time consuming. Just imagine trying to remember hundreds of websites, logins and passwords because you need to update your fax number. We maintain your business location data on a weekly basis so you can focus on running your business.

Did you know that "bad actors" have been known to edit competitors business information in these business directories? It is a sad fact. If this were to ever happen to your business we would catch it and correct it before anything negative happened to your business. Sometimes the bad information is accidental but, understand that almost ANYONE can edit your businesses information in a business directory listing.

Additional Benefits

Google looks at these top business directories to verify your business information across the internet. If your Google My Business listing has one address and phone number but, an old Facebook Page as something different, you could be in trouble. Don't risk losing search engine rankings for your website due to old, out dated business location information. We send your business directory information to major aggregators, search engines, directories and apps (like Apple Maps, Waze, etc.).

Our business directory service works great with our Local SEO service, Basic SEO and Review Management services.

Our Business Directory Service cleans your business data. Get started today.


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