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$299.99 / month

Online reviews, positive or negative, are what make up your businesses overall reputation. Our review management service will help you get the positive reviews you deserve and grab any negative reviews and turn them into a customer service opportunity. Our detailed monthly reports show you where and how many reviews you have received and our custom portal allows you easy access to add more names and email address to the system. Start fixing your online reputation today.

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Review Management Service

What's Included?

  • Generate Reviews - Get more reviews for your business using our automated process using email campaigns branded for your business.
  • Review Distribution - Make sure that you are not getting reviews to just one place, like Google. Your business needs reviews across multiple review sites.
  • Reputation Protection - We proactively catch unhappy customers before they leave a bad review.
  • Review Notifications - You get an email notification EVERY time you get a new review.
  • Social Posting - We will automatically share the good news of a great review with your Twitter and/or Facebook followers.
  • Website Integration - We can integrate a dynamic review display on your website and it updates automatically as you get more and more reviews. We showcase a mix of the new and old reviews.
  • Monthly Reporting - Receive detailed monthly reports showing all the activity on your account.

Review Generation

We will send custom, branded emails on your behalf. In most cases, we send them from the President or Owner of the business so the inbox impact is at it's highest. Who isn't interested when you receive an email from the Owner? The email we send includes a link to a custom landing page where they simply click a 'thumbs up" or "thumbs down" button. Thumbs up takes them to a review site. Thumbs down presents them with a contact form OR the option to leave a bad review. The contact form information is sent to anyone you like in your company.

Reputation Managment

We share good reviews on social media which helps promote a positive reputation for your business. This extendeds to your website where the positivity can keep flowing to help new visitors of your website become new customers or clients.

Notifications & Reporting

Review alert notifications are essential so you can follow up with any and all reviews, good or bad. Every, single, review should be replied to. This shows potential customers that not only do you monitor these sites and what people are saying but, you CARE what people are saying about your company. The monthly reports recap the month so you can see all the activity for your online reviews.

Our review management service works great with our Basic SEO service and Local SEO service.

Start our review management service today!

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1 review for Review Management

  1. Paul Ryan

    I have been using review management for a few weeks and it has done wonders for my company. This program has helped me gain multiple reviews from customers, and the reviews are evenly distributed on social platforms rather than clumped onto a single page. I highly appreciate the monthly report that details the overall ratings and volume of reviews, and the detailed feedback it collects from clients. Negative reviews are a part of working in the service industry, but this service allows me to turn that into a positive experience thanks to the feedback forms it presents the clients. Highly recommended!

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