Website Backups

$59.99 / month

Website backups are often thought of AFTER a failure. Ensure your website is safe and secure with our daily, redundant Wordpress website backup service. We will back up your entire site and databases on a daily schedule and keep 4 separate copies, 2 different cloud locations, a local back up and a hardware save on our corporate servers.

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Wordpress Website Backup Service

What's Included?

  • Server Backup - We create a back up of your Wordpress website and save it to your web host
  • Redundant Cloud Backup - We create and store a back up of your website on two different cloud storage services for security.
  • Local Backup - We send the cloud backup to our local storage in the HD Marketing offices.
  • Daily Backups - We run full Wordpress Website Backups every day.
  • Live Backups - We do incremental backups of your website as you are editing or changing the website.
  • Backup Restoration - In the event of a website loss, we can quickly get you back up and running from your latest backup.
  • Segmented Backups - We back up your entire site in a single file but, we also backup the website tables, themes and plugins separatly as well.

Why so many backups?

Over the last decade we have experienced just about every type of website failure and loss you can think of. We have created this special Wordpress Website Backup service to make sure your website is always available to your potential customers and website visitors. We create a backup every day and send it to four different locations: your Web Host, two cloud storage services and our internal servers here at HD Marketing. This makes sure your backups are always up to date and ready to be deployed in the event of a loss due to: malware, hacks, server failure, deleted files or even human error.

Website Restoration

So when you do have a website loss, how do you get it back? We will restore your website back to it's last backup state for you! There is no additional charge for restoring your website. You may want to consider our Premium Website Design service which includes Website Backups, Maintenance and Security.

Consider our companion services for Wordpress Website Maintenance and Wordpress Website Security

Start our Wordpress Website Backup Service today!


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