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$399.99 / month


Put your Basic SEO service on rocket booster! SEO Plus adds high quality custom content that is search engine optimized with high quality links posted to your website as a new page or blog post. Continual, custom content is one of the most powerful things you can do to consistently drive your website results higher and ultimately more customers to your website.

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SEO Plus Service

What's Included?

Custom Written Content

  • On-Page Keyword Optimization - we make sure that the keywords picked to drive traffic appear on the correct page, along with synonyms and in the right density.
  • Schema Markup - This is a special type of code used to tell Google, Pinterest and other platforms what your page is all about. This helps with faster Google Indexing and rich search results.
  • Custom Content - Two (2) custom written web pages or blog posts that are highly optimized for your core keywords, products or services.
  • Internal Linking - We will find and place the correct links to other pages on your website. Often overlooked but, very important for ranking in search engines.


Keywords are the core to all SEO services. Whether it is finding the right keywords through keyword research or taking those great keywords and optimizing a web page for them. We will perform our special keyword research and apply it to each of your custom content pieces.


Start getting the traffic and business you deserve with our SEO Plus service today!


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