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Help Desk

If you have a problem or question we encourage you to submit a ticket to our staffed help desk. Our agents are standing by to help you with whatever your need is. Have a simple question or a complex problem with your website or service, we are here to help.

We do our best to respond within a couple hours or less depending on ticket volume and nature of your request.

You can use the little green circle at the bottom left of any page on our website to access our in-depth Knowledge Base or contact support directly.


Twitter Support

Maybe Twitter is more your style. You can also tweet us @hdmrkting and we’ll respond to you right there on Twitter!

Facebook Support

Post on our page. Our support staff monitors page posts between 9am and 5pm EST Monday – Friday. We’ll respond to your post on Facebook.


Knowledge Base

We’ve created a Knowledge Base to help answer many of the common questions we get and help you better understand monthly reports.

No Contracts. Ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can you redesign my website?


We have redesigned many websites over the years. We’ve done complete overhauls and we’ve successfully simply updated from older code to newer code leaving the content, images and layout virtually intact. We haven’t come across a client we couldn’t help yet.

How do you build websites?

We use a combination of WordPress and Weebly CMS’s (Content Management Systems) depending on the project and the clients needs and budget.

WordPress allows for E-commerce and better customization while Weebly allows us to quickly get a website up and running while still being reasonably able to be optimized. 

For top performance and flexiblity our WordPress Website Design service is what is needed.

Can I take my website with me if I decide to leave?


We will provide you a complete backup of your entire website that can quickly and easily be imported into any WordPress installation.

How long will it take to get my new website?

We typically deliver a live mock-up for your review within 14 business days. Once approved, depending on how long that takes you, we should have all the content built and be ready to go live in another 7 days.

In many cases our websites are live on the internet within 30 days of your account creation.

Do I have to be local to you?

Nope. We provide services to companies around the world. Although we are located in Maryland, we have a large amount of clients from Pennsylvania and Delaware as well.

If need be, we will meet with you in person, if you’re within 100 miles of our corporate offices in Charlestown, MD.

How do I get started?

Start by viewing our services and selecting the services you need. Add them to your cart and check out. That creates your account with us. You can also create an account without making a purchase by signing up on our Account Page.

Why is there a monthly fee?

Most web designers or internet marketing companies sign you up with a long contract that, in most cases, will cost many thousands of dollars. If you decide you no longer want or can afford their services, you’re stuck paying the bill anyway.

HD Marketing offers all of our services on a low monthly basis, without a contract. You can even add/remove services on your own, right here on our site with our account manager.

Website Design Questions

What kinds of things can I put on my website?

The sky is the limit, so to speak. Anything from contact forms, images, videos, text, blogs and more. We can even do parallax backgrounds animated text, slide shows and more.

More advanced options like membership access, e-commerce and forums are also available.

I have hosting can you use that?

No. To ensure security and access we must provide hosting for your website. Thankfully, hosting packages are pretty cheap so you’re not out a lot of money and our hosting is included at no charge so you’ll have no additional charges to contend with.

Can I edit my website?

Yes. Although we recommend you send changes to our help desk and allow us to handle that for you. All you need to do is email your request to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

Do I have to have a domain?

While we can certainly include a domain with your website, we encourage all of our clients to purchase a domain on their own. If we provide the domain, we own it. It’s in your best interest to purchase the domain yourself, it’s easy go to Go Daddy, that way you keep full control of the domain and email.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope. What you see is what you pay. In rare cases where we must create special services or custom packages, the service costs may be more than are displayed on our website. This is done on an individual basis and is agreed upon by both parties in advance. No surprises.

Who writes the content?

Whether it is for your website, social media channels or email newsletters, content is one of THE biggest obstacle a company faces.

With HD Marketing driving your success, we’ll take care of all your content, at no extra charge. Ever.

How long is the contract?

No contracts. Ever.

Yep, you read that right, we do not shoehorn any clients into a contract for our services. It’s always, pay-as-you-go. You also have full control of your own account and can add/remove services as need or cancel altogether. (but, that would be silly cuz’ we’re really awesome)

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Local SEO

Our Local SEO service highly targets your products and services for your geographic area.

Social Media Management

You know you need to be on Facebook but, what on earth do you post every day? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Local Business Listings

Local listings are like the online Yellow Pages for businesses. We will optimize your listings for accuracy, every week.


Review Management

Know where and what people are saying about you online? No? Now’s a good time to find out. We’ll make you look great!

What our clients have said about our Digital Marketing Company.

No Contracts. Ever.


No matter what digital marketing services you choose from HD Marketing there is no contract to sign or agree to. We have never and never will force our valuable clients into a long term contract. We believe that our performance, support and services should stand on there own. For over a decade that has been the case.


Choose HD Marketing for all your digital marketing needs.

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