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Dominate your local area with our local seo service. Highly optimized to drive traffic to your door using the lastest SEO practices including local schema markup on relevant pages,optmized contact pages, direct Google submission, support for multiple locations, geographic based keyword research and detailed monthly reports showing progress and local rankings for you and your top competitors. Get started today or learn more below.

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Local SEO Service

What's Included?

  • Local Business Optimization - all your business information (name, type of business, physical location, open hours, etc.) is dynamically added to every page of your website using Schema Markup.
  • XML File Generation - automatically adds this information to your website XML file (Google uses this to know what your site is about)
  • Map Optimization - more than just showing a map, we tell Google the EXACT coordinates of your business location, create a custom map pin location showing on the map and can include an integrated Google Maps route planner for website visitors to use to get to your business.
  • Google Submission - Submit all this information directly to Google.
  • Special Contact Page - Optimize your "contact' page by adding optimized maps, business hours, business type and physical location information and adding special code to let Google know this is your contact page not just a regular page on your website.
  • Multiple Location Optimization - Local SEO works for businesses with multiple locations so you can use one website instead of having a website for each location.
  • Montly Reporting - You will receive monthly local seo reports showing you how your business is performing in LOCAL search results agains your top 3 competitors across Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Unlimited Updates

If your business get's a new phone number or moves to a different location, don't worry! Our local seo service has you covered. We offer unlimited updates to any of your local seo settings, this is not a 'set it and forget it' service. We will be continually checking and optimizing your website for local search results and will include monthly, detailed reports.

Location Specific Keyword Monitoring

What's the point in monitoring your keywords nationwide if you are a local business? There isn't. We will use the largest city in your service area as the default search area to ensure we are finding and optimizing for keywords specific to your business and it's geographic location.

Mulitple Location Support

Do you have multiple locations? Save money by using a single website to support all your locations while also optimizing each location individually for your visitors and search engines. We will optimize your individual business locations so Google understands your business. Do you currently have multiple websites for each location, if so, we can save you from that headache with our Website Design Service.

Local SEO Monthly Reports

Never guess how your business is performing in search results. We send you detailed, transparent monthly reports showing you how your website is peforming agains your top three competitors across 3 search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo for your specific geographic location. If you are using our Basic SEO service along with the Local SEO service you will receive one, combined report each month.

You can use our Basic SEO service in conjuction with the Local SEO service to supercharge your businesses performance.

Start getting more traffic and clients to your business today!

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  1. Brooks Rattigan

    I got the Local SEO Service to Boost my website’s ranking and improve sales by directing customers, and this services has delivered exactly what was promised. The service automatically adds my business information including address and operational hours to all pages of my website, and it also submits the information to Google for better search rankings. The monthly SEO reports are amazing because I can see how well my business is performing, and that really reassures me that Local SEO service is worth it!

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