Website Maintenance

$39.99 / month

Maintaining your website includes, uptime monitoring, updating plugins, themes and Wordpress Core, optimizing databases by deleting unneeded files. Included in our Website Maintenance Service is detailed monthly reports that include actions taken each month as well as basic Google Analytics and Search Console data.

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WordPress Website Maintenance Service

What's Included?

  • Automatic Updates - We will automatically update your Wordpress Theme, Plugins and Wordpress Core when new updates are available. This increases the security of your website.
  • Uptime Monitoring - We monitor your websites uptime. If we see your website goes offline we will *notify you.
  • Google Analytics - We monitor valuable data from your Google Analytics property showing you traffic and sources.
  • Search Console - We monitor your Search Console property for search related information
  • Database Optimization - Keep your website running in tip top shape by deleting unwanted data sets like posts/pages in trash, trackbacks and pingbacks and more.
  • Monthly Reports - Get a beautiful, easy to understand report showing all the work that went into keeping your Wordpress Website maintained for the previous month.

Wordpress Updates & Optimization

It is a challenge to keep your Wordpress Website up to date and running smoothly. This would involve logging into your Wordpress Admin dashboard every couple of days to check for updates. We can update your Wordpress Website automatically as the updates are released. Optimizing your website would require even more work and possibly the need to install additional plugins to help you along. We run Wordpress Website optimizations every month, automatically.

Uptime & Analytics

Monitoring website uptime is very important. Web hosts go off line for numerous reasons. While running server updates or hardware failure are two common reasons. You may have just forgotten to pay your hosting bill. No matter the reason, we will monitor your website uptime and be notified if and when your website goes offline and for how long. Make sure you don't miss out on any potential business by having your website down and not knowing about it. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your website is a requirement for all businesses today. We include the most important Google Analytics and Search Console data right in your monthly Wordpress Website Maintenace report. Eliminating the guess work and worry.

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Start our Wordpress Website Maintenance Service today!

*Uptime monitoring notifications are only sent to you if you do NOT have our Premium Website Design service.


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