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Local SEO

What is Local SEO?


The process of adding specialized code to specific web pages that tell search engines your businesses specific geographic location and details about your products or services. Optimizing your Google My Business profile and posting relevant content also are aspects of local seo. The objective of this is to increase local search rankings to help drive potential clients in your specific, geographic area to your website.

Local SEO is mandatory in today’s marketplace. Businesses have to remain as competitive as they can while they are dealing with a world that deals with buying and selling almost totally online.

Let’s explore more details about local seo.


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Local Optimization

Business name, location, phone, hours dynamically add to EVERY page of your website.

Map Optimization

Adding coordinates, custom pin location and Google Maps Route integration.


XML File Generation

Google uses XML files to better understand your website.

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Local SEO Integrations & Optimiziations

What about mulitple business locations?



Google Maps Integration With Website

Allowing customers to find a business easily is necessary. The Google Maps integration will allow for this. People will be able to find the company quickly and easily. It will not be a huge problem for them and it will give them the quickest route possible so that they are able to get there in no time at all. Companies really love this option because it cuts down on clients needing to call in for directions all the time. It is so much easier than they are able to look it up right on their computer screen.

Optimization For Multiple Local Businesses

Having more than one local business is excellent. Optimizing them all will lead to more business and profits. If a business owner wants to do something like this, it is important that they give the company all of the information. It needs to be correct and informative. There should be a lot of details so that HD Marketing, a local SEO company will be able to distinguish from one business to the other in a clear and concise manner. Good photographs are also recommended and that can be handled through the company too.

Monthly Reports

Detailed monthly reports showing ranking for keywords across search engines, compared to your competitors.

Multi-Location Optimization

Optimize a single website for your multiple location business. Saves you money and time.


Expert Support

Our team of SEO experts are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Local SEO Research & Ranking

How will I know if the SEO is working?


Localized Keyword And Competitor Research

Finding the best keywords for a website will really be beneficial. The keywords will allow people to pull up the client’s website in a quick and easy way. Knowing what the competitors are using as their keywords on their websites is also very important. It can make all the difference in getting their share of the market. They want to be found online because that is where most of the business is happening in the world today. It will keep them making the money that they want to now and well into the future.

Localized Monthly Ranking Reports

Finding the monthly ranking reports is very important to see if the SEO is working. This will allow the company and the client to make choices on the strategies that are currently being implemented. These reports can be used on a regular basis to make all kinds of decisions that can affect the ability of the company to make a large profit in the future.

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On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Is all the work done ON my website?


Optimized Link Building

Making sure that links are working properly at all times is of the utmost importance. The links have to work well and they must make sense too. People will give up if they are constantly being sent to links that don’t make sense on a website. They want to receive good information that they can use in order to make a purchasing decision that will benefit them.

On-Page Optimization For Service Area

Making the website pull up in search engines is very important. This will allow a client’s business to reach potential customers via the internet quicker than their competitors.

Your business will definitely benefit from contacting HD Marketing, the experts at local SEO. They will have the answers that are needed in order for a business owner to become the best at what they can do.

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