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6 Basic Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses

Facebook is one of the best platforms to market. Facebook is such a good platform because it is widely used. For this reason, marketers are flocking to it as a means to market their products and services. Having a strong Facebook presence should be key for any...

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Top 3 Social Media Tools to Add to Your Marketing Toolkit

Top 3 Social Media Tools Having a difficult time managing all your social media profiles? The rise of social media marketing presents multiple opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, but it also means adding one more layer to your already complex...

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A Beginners Guide To Google Analytics

For your website to achieve the success it needs, it is essential that you utilize a comprehensive analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Analyzing the traffic of your site will assist you in gaining more understanding of the interaction between your audience and...

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Which Businesses Should Use Instagram?

The popularity of Instagram has grown in the last couple of years. Anyone, including their pet, can have an account in Instagram which they can use to regularly post images for their followers to see. Also, it's a great and easy way to socialize with many people. Does...

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Don’t Use A “Free” Online Website Builder

When you are just getting started with your business, you might be enticed by free website builders. After all, you might be on a shoestring budget and looking to cut costs any way possible. While free website builders certainly make putting up a website as easy as...

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs To Use Google My Business

Google is an excellent tool for local businesses - it makes it quick and easy for customers to find you, and you can use it to share helpful information like your hours and contact details. However, many people don't actually keep up with their My Business listing on...

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