Do you truly need to invest funds and time into content marketing?

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of the internet, does it really matter at the end of the day?

Google itself is built on the foundation that content is king. However does producing quality content nonstop really help you win the race?

The Importance Of Content Creation

TL;DR – It’s important

One of the most important aspects of any website is the content that it holds. Not surprisingly, this content must come from somewhere. Behind every website, there is either an individual or an army of individuals churning out as much content as possible.

With each piece of content comes the hope that it brings at least a trickle of visitors to the website. Without a doubt, content creation is quite possibly one of the most important aspects in your overall marketing arsenal.

In fact, once you scratch away everything else, content is the one element that will still be standing. Everything you do online is fueled by some type of content. Regardless of whether it be a blog post, podcast, YouTube video or a simple post on Facebook, content is the driving force.

Digital marketing has become the most essential element to businesses today and it is important to be able to compete with the heavy hitters in your field. Without proper content, one’s business will drift aimlessly through the tunnels and crevices of the internet.

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Why Content Marketing Is A Valuable Tool For Every Business

Often undertated digital marketing tool

Consumers have become used to the fact that the internet is a delicious buffet of content in which it is possible to find everything imaginable. With this in mind, it can be difficult for individuals to find your little piece of paradise on the internet. There are a countless number of websites all seeking the attention of a potentially limited number of individuals who are seeking an answer, a product or a service.

The process of content marketing, when done correctly, allows for both individuals to come together despite insurmountable odds.

While content marketing at its best allows you to connect with customers, it does so much more.

Content Marketing Creates A Bond With Customers

Bonds are valuable

Your business has a story and people want to know about it. There will always be those individuals that are simply seeking the cheapest product and do not care where it comes from, however, there are those individuals who seek out relationships with companies and will be loyal customers for years.

Content marketing is the correct way to tell your story to your customers allowing them to get to know the faces behind the brand.


Good Content Builds Trust

Trust builds confidence

Through content marketing it is possible to build an emotional bridge between you and your customers. If you are able to solve a problem or answer a question that a customer may have through a blog post or video, they will remember you.

In many cases, your brand becomes the one they trust above all others due to your particular knowledge in the field, which is truly the goal of content marketing.

Lower Cost For Better Customers

Increase conversions

Many would be surprised at the return on investment of a well-developed content marketing strategy. A well developed content marketing strategy has the ability to raise website conversions much higher than not having a content marketing strategy in place.

While this obviously means a larger number of leads, it also allows you to qualify potential customers before they send an initial inquiry. A great example of this would be answering the most common questions about your product or service including price points throughout your content marketing.

This will immediately sever tire kickers and information seekers, allowing your company to spend less time and money on leads that will not convert.

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Using Content Marketing As The Pillars Of Your Online Strategy

Content marketing as your foundation

Quality content has the ability to support all of your other online efforts including social media campaigns, YouTube channels and funneling traffic to your website through organic search engine optimization.

Consider the fact that the more content you have available on the Internet is one more opportunity for Google to find an index your site in the rankings for a wide variety of keywords that are specific to your audience. In addition, the more people who see you as an expert in your field means more opportunities for other sites to link to you.

Additionally, the more quality content that you produce allows more opportunities for fans of your business to share your information, leading to more authority and credibility in your field.

Consumers are much more sophisticated in the way they purchase products and do not want to be treated with disrespect or forage around to purchase products they do not need, many people simply want their questions answered in a concise and efficient manner.

By setting yourself up as an authority in your field and offering quality content and respect to your consumers, you are building an army of loyal fans. In fact, this group of fans will do the hard work of promoting your business just out of love and respect for you and the company, bringing thousands of new fans to your business.

How to Start The Correct Content Marketing Campaigns

Start off on the right foot

We have established the fact that content marketing is a vital aspect to any business. However, one must have a specific plan of attack and a way to measure the overall efforts of the strategy. By taking the time to create a content marketing plan today will allow your business to thrive on virtual waves of traffic for years to come.

In fact, in evergreen businesses a quality piece of content can continue bringing in traffic for decades, that my friends is an incredible return on investment!

Still not sure how to get started?

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