Marketing Minutes


Another installement of our Marketing Minutes video series. This week we are discussing how and why you need to monitor and aquire reviews for your business.

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hey there everybody CJ with HD marketing welcome to the marketing minutes a short
video about how to help your business succeed online with you know various
different marketing services so excuse me there so today I want to talk about
online reviews I think a lot of businesses really undervalue the
importance of online reviews for their business a lot of businesses don’t
understand you know where the reviews are being collected

what kind of reviews
are out there you know we’re good places to get reviews you know if you are
getting reviews don’t respond to some of them or all of them or none of them so
I’m gonna try to touch on loop of that stuff here today so first thing is yes
reviews are important not just for your business and for prospective clients of
your business but for search results as well

Google starting to really look at
reviews and the content of the reviews to determine if a business is authoritative and also to help bolster
their search results for the website that it’s referencing to so that’s you know really important it’s also very
important that you try to get reviews across those many different sites as
possible so like Google or get recommendations here on facebook or Yelp or the Better Business Bureau if you’re in like the wedding industry you have the knot and wedding wire if you’re a
contractor you can get them one house and home advisor

so there’s even industry specific review sites you can get reviews on you do want to review or not review you want to reply to pretty much every review good or bad bad reviews you should just say you know we’re sorry you didn’t receive the level
of service or you know the product wasn’t what you expected we strive for
100% customer satisfaction please contact us

if it’s a good review say hey
thank you for leaving that positive affirmation we greatly appreciate it
there should be some sort of response from the company on any and all reviews

it shows that your potential clients that you’re active that you are listening – you know the responses you get so it is vitally vitally important that you get reviews that you respond to reviews

you get reviews across as many different platforms as possible and while this can
be you know a massive undertaking for a small business a start-up

and I
completely get that

there are services like ours out there that kind of fully
automate the whole process and help you to get those reviews out there

hopefully you’ve seen you know a lot of value in this and you kind of understand
a little bit better that you know how reviews work and why they’re important

so a little brain fart there but I’m human so we’re going to try to do these
marketing minute videos on a fairly regular basis

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so again CJ with HD marketing where powerful marketing is
simplified you can find us at HD marketing and we’ll see in
the next one