As small businesses embrace newer methods of digital marketing, many entrepreneurs wonder whether it’s still necessary to do email marketing. Well, the simple answer to this is yes. Email marketing allows you to engage and interact with your target audience in a personalized manner.

It has the potential to open up new markets, attract new customers, and aids in the development of strong, long-term client connections. Email marketing is in fact the most effective way to increase revenue while minimizing marketing costs.

This is because all you need to send millions of emails is a laptop, a good internet connection, and an affordable email service provider. Cheap, right?

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Use Email marketing


1. It Helps You Stay in Contact With Your Customers

The best way to stay in touch with your customers is through emails. This is because most consumers check their emails frequently, whether via phone or at the office on a computer. As such, sending them an email every once in a while makes them feel like you are thinking about them.

You could actually format your emails in ways that feel personal. For example, one email can read, “Hi, we’re thinking about you, here’s a wonderful offer!” Another could read, “The holidays are here and we’re here to celebrate with you! Look at our amazing end year deals!” Your customers will love such emails.

Don’t shy away from emails; remember that your clients or potential clients have already subscribed to your email list. They have already agreed to receive such messages. In a sense, you’ve already passed the test so keep it easy and interesting to increase consumer engagement.

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2. It is Easy to Measure the Effectiveness of Email marketing

After you’ve sent out your email campaign, most email marketing solutions allow you to follow what happens next. More specifically, you can track the number of delivered emails, bounced emails, clients who clicked through, and those that unsubscribed.

This offers you a better idea of how your email campaigns are performing and which ones need to be tweaked or eliminated. That said, the feedback figures should never be overlooked. This is because they’re a crucial component of your overall internet marketing strategy.

While most marketing professionals suggest a specified number of emails to send to customers per day, it all depends on your industry and target audience. For instance, if your clients expect daily emails, you should ensure emails are sent every day.

On the other hand, avoid sending too many emails to customers who don’t want more than once per week. This is because most of them end up unsubscribing. In a nutshell, it all comes down to getting to know your clients and giving them useful content.


3. Email Marketing is The Most Affordable Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies have proven to be very effective, especially in this era where most consumers have access to the internet. However, not all strategies are as affordable as email marketing.

With less than a dollar, a small business can send thousands of emails to their customers every day. This means that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to market their products to thousands of customers at a very low cost. Start-ups and small businesses that are bootstrapping will find this increasingly beneficial.


4. It Gives Room for Target Messaging

Email marketing plays a significant role in lead nurturing, often known as email lead marketing. Normally, your potential consumers are always at different phases of the purchasing process. Some are in the consideration stage, others are in the research and comparison stage, while others are ready to buy.

It is therefore important to first identify which customer is at which stage of the purchase process. This can be done with the help of buyer personas. Consequently, businesses can customize their emails to target different segments of their clients.

Because customers in different stages require specified knowledge to progress to the next stage of the buying cycle, the correct content may help them do so. It’s all about moving these leads through your sales funnel as efficiently as possible, rather than quickly. That way, you stand a better chance of winning potential customers over by making them choose you over your competitors.


5. It Makes Your Brand More Popular

Contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t the only tool that can help a business raise brand awareness. The fact that your customers or potential clients trust you with their email addresses means that they are interested in your company.

To take advantage of that fact, email marketing allows you to increase that degree of interest and brand awareness. However, this does not imply that you should send multiple emails every day to every consumer. That’s a sure way to have customers dislike you.

Instead, use email marketing to highlight your involvement in the community. Sadly, many businesses use email marketing only to try and sell their products while entirely overlooking the importance of brand awareness. With that in mind, always focus on gaining customer trust and giving your business a sense of personality even as you market your products.

What are The Different Types of Email marketing?


a. Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is a one-time message that can be used to provide advertising materials, payment details, new releases, and other information. An email newsletter, when done correctly, can aid in brand recognition and exposure. However, to create a perfect email newsletter, you must consider various aspects such as the content length, image placement, and general tone.

b. Transactional Emails

Transactional emails include email invoices, receipts, bill summaries, and order confirmations all of which are triggered by the actions of the customer. Still, they are an excellent way to convert routine communication into a link to your website. For example, email receipts have a high open and click rate, and including promotional messages in these emails means that most customers will read them.

Furthermore, customers are far more engaged with transactional emails like order, shipment, and return or exchange notifications than they are with promotion and branding-focused efforts. As such, customers open transactional emails frequently, as shown by the total open rates. A high open and click rate highlights the potential for businesses to cross-sell items and services to highly engaged customers via transactional emails.

c. Mobile Optimized Emails

These are promotional emails that have been designed in a way that it is easy to read them on a mobile device. Unlike in the past where most people used to access their emails only from a desktop, people today read their emails on their phones. This has increased the popularity of mobile-optimized email campaigns. According to different studies, most people are more likely to open a promotional email on their phone as opposed to their desktops.

One particularly recommended service provider is Tidings. They are an award-winning marketing service provider that provides fast and easy mobile-optimized email campaigns for small businesses.

With a foolproof strategy that has 4 steps, they have proven invaluable to businesses that value their online presence. Use Tidings to Connect, Customize, Send and Relax. Email marketing has never been easier!


Reasons Why Mobile Optimized Email Campaigns and Affordable Services like Tidings are Important


• They Come with Amazing User Experience

On a mobile device, an email newsletter built solely for the big screen will almost certainly not deliver the best experience. This is because link features and icons are typically smaller and more difficult to touch, while other on-page elements may be difficult to view comfortably.

As a result, mobile-optimized emails are the best fit for mobile users. They are made in such a way that everything is easily accessible even on a small screen.

• They Simplify the Whole Marketing Process

Optimizing for mobile is no longer difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. All this is thanks to the expanding number of adaptable email newsletter templates available in the market.

Fortunately, these email campaigns are already common. Moreover, most email marketing platforms like Tidings offer a variety of templates and other tools to help you optimize your content for small screens and other devices.

• They Make Promotions More Accessible

An email newsletter campaign is a terrific method to attract your customers with unique special offers. However, not everybody will be compelled to examine their emails on a desktop or laptop and print off items like vouchers.

On the other hand, customers can show such vouchers in-store without having to print anything out if they have a mobile device. This makes offers even more accessible to your consumers which motivates them to be loyal to your brand.

• They Can Be Accessed From Any Device

Laptops, desktop computers, as well as a variety of other Internet-enabled devices, are still widely used, and this is unlikely to change soon. As such, the emails you send to your customers should look great on any device.

For this reason, mobile-optimized email campaigns are preferred by many marketers because they will always look good no matter the size of the device. More importantly, they offer an economical and practical solution to the growing variety of ways people access the Internet.

That said, whether your email campaign targets the old or the young, it is advisable to make sure that it can be read on a mobile device. That way, your customers do not have to wait until they can access a laptop to read your emails. After all, almost every customer who uses email has a mobile phone.


Email Marketing: Boost Referrals, Engage Your Customers, Sell to prospects, and more!


Email marketing is not only a creative strategy but also one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there. As long as you partner with the right marketing experts, you can use emails to grow your customer base while spending very little on marketing. Boost your referrals, engage your customers, sell to prospects, and more!