Getting Help Should Be Easy

Or at least we think so

We understand the frustration many folks encounter when they have a problem with a product or service or even just a simple question and feel like they have to beat their head against a wall to get a resolution. This is why we take our customer support so dang serious.

We have employed several different methods of support to better serve our clients no matter how they prefer to get the help they need.


Help Desk

First line of help

We have a dedicated help desk where you can submit a ticket with a question via email. The help desk is staffed from 9am to 5pm, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Simply email to: [email protected] to get support fast and efficiently.

Knowledge Base

Fast, Self-service

We have created a data base of articles to help you get answers to common questions without the need to wait for a reply from our help desk (which will often just send a link to the knowledge base article if one is available). You can access and search the Knowledge Base two easy ways:

  1. Dirctley on the Knowledge Base website which you can acess here: Go To Knowledge Base
  2. From the bottom of any page of our website where you see the green circular bubble with a white question mark (?). This opens a dialog box where you can search the knowledge base OR submit a ticket directly.

Social Media

For the tech advanced

We do also monitor both Twitter and Facebook for any mentions and will either reply there or request you submit a ticket if the question or problem can not be resolved quickly and efficiently via Twitter or Facebook. You can follow us on these profiles so it is easier for you to get support when you need it.


Phone Support

Not now honey

We do not currently offer support via phone. We will notify all clients when this becomes available.


Wrapping it all up


We are always trying to find new ways to either expand our services, make our services work even better and of course, support our highly valued clients. We hope this helps you get the answers to the questions you may have in a fast, friendly and convenient way.