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HD Marketing Company Reviews

Reviews in one place


This is the same review widget that we can place on your website as part of our review management service. The widget pulls in reviews from across the internet from places like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and any other places your business collects reviews.

Displaying reviews on your website can help potential clients make a buying decision but, they may be skeptical if they don’t have a direct link to the review on the website where it was originally left. Othewise they may feel that the review is fake.

Ways To Display Reviews

Is there any benefit?


We display our HD Marketing company reviews on just about every page of our website. As long as you do this properly (and we do) then they can not only help sway a buying decision but, lend a hand to your seo. Here are some ways you can display reviews:

  • Shuffled List
  • Carousel
  • Individual
  • Rotator


Depending on the type of page the reviews will displayed on with determine which method you use. On this page we are show casing a shuffled list. It displays 5 random reviews each time the page is visited.

You can hit the F5 key on your keyboard to try it out.

Here is an example of the review widget displaying one review at a time in a carousel. This is used for HD Marketing company reviews at the bottom of most of the pages on our website. It rotates through 5 different reviews each time the page is loaded.

hd marketing company reviews widget

Want to learn more about the importance of a reviews for your business? Read our article on building a positive online reputation for your business.

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