Basic SEO

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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is just what your website needs. We will analyze your competitors website, find valuable keywords and optimize your website to outperform your competition. Our detailed monthly reports show you where you and your competitors rank for all keywords across multiple search engines. We also continue to identify and optimize your website for highly performing keywords to grow your presence and success for as long as you employ our seo service.

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Basic SEO Service

What's Included?

  • On-Page Keyword Optimization - we make sure that the keywords picked to drive traffic appear on the correct page, along with synonyms and in the right density.
  • Schema Markup - This is a special type of code used to tell Google, Pinterest and other platforms what your page is all about. This helps with faster Google Indexing and rich search results.
  • Outdated Content Monitoring - We will see when a page on your website hasn't been updated in a while and will automatically take care of that for you. Fresh content is what Google wants.
  • Duplicate Content Scan - We will make sure that you do not have any duplicate pages. This includes any previous content or blog posts. Older websites are more prone to having duplicate content.
  • Internal Linking - We will find and place the correct links to other pages on your website. Often overlooked but, very important for ranking in search engines.
  • Broken Link Scanning - Any pages that the names changes or a link to another website that removes that page creates a broken link or 'dead end' for Google. These are really bad for SEO. We'll scan and fix all broken links.
  • Social Sharing - We will create special images to be shown when your website is shared on social media. No more crazy pictures or blank links being shared on social media.
  • Monthly Reporting - You will recieve monthly seo reports showing you how your website is performing against your competitors in search engines.


Keywords are the core to all SEO services. Whether it is finding the right keywords through keyword research or taking those great keywords and optimizing a web page for them. We will perform our special keyword research and apply it to each of your webpages. This covers all your main product and service pages as well as your main or home page.


Basic SEO service includes all the content you need. We will write all the content for your website or you can send us your own content. In either case, we will optimize it for search engines to help drive traffic and customers. Using content monitoring, duplicate content scanning, internal and broken link scanning, you can be sure that the content on your website is search engine optimized.

Monthly Reports

You will receive a detailed, transparent monthly report showing you how your website is performing across Google, Bing and Yahoo. This includes comparing your website agaisnt your top 3 competitors for your keywords. If you are also a Local SEO service client (which we recommend for best results) then your report will be combined into a single report.

Start getting the traffic and business you deserve with our basic SEO service today!


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