Online Review Management Service

Getting online reviews is not only easy, it’s necessary. Your potential clients are certainly checking to see if you have any reviews and if you do, what are other clients saying about you? If you have no reviews does that mean your clients didn’t think highly enough about your company or services to leave a review?

This is not the position your company should be in. Even as a start up or new business you should be attempting to secure every possible piece of feedback you can, good or bad.

Of course, you will only want to showcase and show off the positve reviews but, the bad reviews can be valuable feedback for you and your company.

Identify and help claim the most advantagous review sites for your business, industry or niche’. Also includes detailed monthly reporting of progress.
Review current ratings and take appropriate actions and work with your current clients to encourage and grow a positve overal review portfolio. Also includes review monitoring.
Create a stratagy for future clients to encourage positive reviews while directing unhappy clients to a complaint form rather than posting a negative review.
Amazing customer support and in depth Knowledge Base assure your questions and concerns are handled quickly.
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