Google My Business Is Important For Your Business


Google is an excellent tool for local businesses – it makes it quick and easy for customers to find you, and you can use it to share helpful information like your hours and contact details.

However, many people don’t actually keep up with their My Business listing on Google, instead channeling their efforts into other online advertising and social media. Neglecting your businesses’ listing on Google can set you back from the competition, so you should set aside some time to make sure it is current.

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to maintain. Here are three important reasons why you should keep up to date with your Google My Business Listing.


1. You should be managing changes made by the community

Google My Business listings can actually be edited by anyone with a Google account. While this may be a little frustrating for business owners, it is actually a good thing – it allows community members to share their photos of your space, post reviews, and update information about your business based on their experience.

All of these things can actually draw in new business. However, it’s important to monitor these community posts to make sure no one is posting false information about your company. As the business owner, it is very easy to make changes to the information on your listing if you need to. You can also flag fake reviews, and Google will assess them and take them down if your claims are verified.

Staying on top of your Google listing ensures that your business is making a good impression online.


2. You can post appealing photos to draw in new customers

Another important reason to use your Google My Business listing is so you can post photos. Consumers will often make their first impressions of a business before they even get there, based on the photos they find online.

If you’ve had professional photos taken of your business in the past, this is the perfect place to share them. If you haven’t, get out your digital camera or even a high-end smartphone and make sure there are some photos that show your business in a good light. You might also want to consider uploading some relevant photos from your company’s Instagram to your Google listing as well.

If you’re strapped for time or resources, you should check out our social media mangement service which includes created and posting to your Google My Business listing.


3. You can ensure that your information is accurate

It is very important that all of the information on your Google listing is accurate. At the very least, you should make sure you have your hours, your phone number, and a link to your website on your profile.

If you are a restaurant or bar, you might also want to consider adding a link to your menu. If you host events, you can also link your company calendar to your Google listing.