Positioning Your Business Growth During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Every business owner has their eye on 2020 – a fresh start, new marketing strategies to implement, more product launches – until everything turned 360 degrees. Multiple businesses and brands closed, some temporarily paused their operations until further notice, and many small businesses are hanging on the verge.

While the whole world and the economy have been greatly affected by what’s happening, there’s still a silver lining into all of these things, you just have to learn how to utilize the tools properly. Among these different resources and strategies, one thing you may want to take advantage of is hiring an SEO company and utilize this strategy for business growth and development.


Why SEO Makes A Huge Impact During COVID-19

Are you currently doing SEO right now? If you are, should you continue? If not, is ideal to get started? The answer – DEFINITELY!

We understand that the majority of your customers may be indoors. There isn’t as much foot traffic to your physical store, but this also means that there are new doors that have opened up for you. If they’re not outside – they’re indoors – which means that your target customers are online!

The “new normal” as what most people would refer to, includes online shopping. According to recent statistics, there had been a general increase in mobile usage from February to August 2020. This means that while your potential customers may not be on the streets, they’re online and you can target them with proper online marketing strategies, SEO included.


Quick Tips On Positioning Your SEO Strategies During The Pandemic

Unlike before, consumers these days now have time to evaluate products and services. They have the time to check reviews, compare with other products, and do a pricing check. With this in mind, here are some SEO tips that will help you get through the pandemic.

  • Keep Your Online Listings Updated

The types of businesses that are mainly affected during the pandemic are those that have brick and mortar stores, and businesses that rely on foot traffic. If you haven’t had your Google My Business updated or set up yet, now’s the perfect time to do so. Make sure that you include a website, a working phone, and an e-mail address where they can address their orders and/or inquiries.

Do the same thing for all your other online listings to keep it uniform, which simply means better search engine rankings for your business.

  • Content Is King

E-mail lists, social media marketing, and guest blog posts may help with your online strategies, but it is also important that you create content that’s relevant to the current global situation. Look for trending topics, create content relevant to the topic, and use this to reach new customers.

Google Trends is one of the many online tools that you may utilize to help you find the right key terms. See how your main keywords are doing, and don’t be afraid to change it up a bit, especially with quality content. Remember, if you bring value to other people, they’ll see your company’s value, resulting in better sales.

  • Educate Prospects

This is somehow related to creating content, but make sure that you involve creating content that isn’t intended just to stuff keywords to your post. Offer them something informative. Google loves educational posts – they’ll reward you for creating valuable content.


Final Thoughts:

SEO during the COVID-19 season plays a crucial role and can make or break one’s business. Do it right, your company will survive, and even thrive. Do it wrong, you might be the next one announcing bankruptcy. The point being, when you do SEO, make sure that you work only with a reliable company that has up-to-date information and practices the latest, working strategies and techniques in the SEO industry.

Evaluate your needs, speak with someone, and find one that has an aligned vision of what you wanted to do with the company to help you get through these tough times.

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