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What’s the best way to stay in contact with your clients?


Email Marketing!

It’s is proven to be one of the most powerful tools to your internet marketing toolbox. But, what are you supposed to write and how often? These two questions are undoubtedly the top reasons business owners don’t send email newsletters.

Never fear!

We’ve got just the solution. Our powerful, yet simple, email marketing service is just what you need. We’ll craft a monthly (or more often) newsletter and send it out to your clients – AUTOMAGICALLY! With or without content from you, your brand will stay in front of the people who matter most, your clients. Sent right to their email inbox.

Let’s explore the best email marketing service.

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How’s It Work?


Step 1.

Sign up, in the account creation form, tell us how many email newsletters per month you would like. (Maximum of 2)

Step 2.

Connect us to your Mail Chimp, Constant Contact account or just send us your list.

Step 3.

Grab a drink and a snack, we’ve got it from here.

No Contracts. Ever.

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Effectiveness Of Email Marketing

Don’t all emails just go to spam folders?


With an estimated ROI of 4400% according to some research, its clear that email marketing is still quite effective. While it is obviously true that emails can and do end up in spam or junk folders this is going to be a lot less likely with the way you should be using your email marketing efforts. Most of the emails that do end up in your spam or junk folder is considered ‘unsolicited’ email. This is, perhaps, by nefarious means in they way they obtained email addresses and have sent emails. More likely, you have selected, unknowingly, to share your email address with someone or some entity and allowed third party access. That means you let them share your email with their other vendors. This is a massively successful way for businesses to obtain email addresses, HOWEVER, we do NOT recommend this for small businesses and their email marketing efforts.


Growing Your Email List

I don’t have an email list, can I still do email marketing?


Without even realizing it, most businesses have an email list of some kind and size. Even if you have never made it a company policy to collect email addresses (you ARE doing that NOW though, right?) you likely have collected some just in the course of doing business with past clients. This is the list that is so coveted and wanted. These are known paying customers who loved your business. These are the perfect people to either re-sell other products to OR in the case of say, an electrician, to keep your brand top of mind so when they hear someone say they need ‘xyz’ electrical service, your business and brand are the first they recommend. Be sure to include collecting email addressess moving forward with every aspect of your business. This can be done in person or via your own website.

Automated Publishing

Never miss another mothly email newsletter. We send them automatically at the timing of your choosing.

Custom Branding

Every email newletter sent will be branded to your company. Including logo, colors and fonts.

Email List Growth

Grow your email marketing newsletter list by adding a custom email optin form on your website.

No Contracts. Ever.


Email Marketing For Beginners

I’ve never sent emails, will my clients get mad?


Even if you have never historically sent emails in a marketing capacity, it is never too late to start. Sending emails to past clients is considered the least invasive and most acceptable form of email marketing. While no email marketing campaign is 100% effective doing some sort of email markting is better than none. Our email marketing service sends out easily digestable content that is also optimized for mobile devices (where most emails are received and opened). The type of content we send is based on your social media postings this cross marketing helps with brand awareness and consistency.

We have over a decade of experience as an Email Marketing Company and we want to serve you right away when you need our assistance. Get the best email marketing service going for your business and start to attract more customers than ever before!

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No Contracts. Ever.


No matter what digital marketing services you choose from HD Marketing there is no contract to sign or agree to. We have never and never will force our valuable clients into a long term contract. We believe that our performance, support and services should stand on there own. For over a decade that has been the case.


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