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If you’re a business owner, you may not know much about the digital age, other than the importance of mobile friendly websites. In fact, the situation is much more complex than that. Factors such as SEO tactics, visitor analytics, and social media branding all play a part in the success and growth of your business.

One factor in particular, the mobile friendliness of your website, can mean your demise if not handled efficiently. Here are a few reasons you will want to ensure your website is mobile compatible.


1. Enhancing the user’s experience

A website that isn’t mobile-friendly presents a whole list of problems. Even if it loads correctly, it may require the user to adjust the screen resolution or shrink the web page to fit the screen. Instead of bothering with that trouble, most users will likely leave the site altogether, possibly costing a sale that you might have otherwise made.


2. Longer page views

If you take the time and effort to ensure your website is mobile compatible, your visitors will spend more time browsing your website. They will find it a more enjoyable experience, so they’ll likely take the time to see what your business has to offer. The longer they spend on your website, the stronger the chance that they’ll make a purchase.


3. Improved mobile SEO

Most people browse the web on their mobile devices and Google knows it. This is why mobile friendly websites rank higher in search results. By ensuring your website provides a rich, fast experience for mobile users, you’re also increasing the likelihood that your site will rank towards the top.


4. Beating out the competition

In case you haven’t already made this connection, ranking higher in search results also means ranking ahead of your competitors. While the digital age gives businesses a broader, global customer base, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer in competition with similar businesses. If anything, the competition has gotten tougher. A high ranking website means getting a jump on those rivals.


5. Mobile browsing is growing

As previously mentioned, the majority of people browse the web via their mobile devices. Those numbers continue to grow, far surpassing those who browse on their laptop or desktop. It won’t be long before PC browsing is a thing of the past altogether. That means mobile compatibility won’t just be important, it will be necessary. Whether you adapt your website now or later, it will have to be done.


6. You’ll earn a better reputation

Today, being in business is all about building your digital brand and that means creating a website that can be accessed easily from any device. When users enjoy your website more and spend more time browsing through it, they’re also more likely to share your pages with their friends. Social media sharing goes hand in hand with mobile friendliness, so making your site compatible means making it easier for visitors to share content.


Wrapping Up

Now that the digital revolution is in full swing, there’s no denying the importance of establishing a positive online footprint. In part, that means ensuring any user can access your website from any device.

While this may require hiring a web design professional to revamp your website, the benefits to your business will pay for that cost time and again. Conversely, failing to have mobile friendly websites may spell doom for your business.

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