Businesses That Should Use Instagram


The popularity of Instagram has grown in the last couple of years. Anyone, including their pet, can have an account in Instagram which they can use to regularly post images for their followers to see. Also, it’s a great and easy way to socialize with many people.

Does a business need to use Instagram? Which kind of business should use Instagram? The answer is every business should and can use Instagram for online marketing. Posting on Instagram is one of the simplest ways you can reach consumers today.

By using relevant hashtags and uploading compelling images, you can reach millions of people immediately. If you’re a business owner or a beginner in online marketing and would like to know more about how and why you should use Instagram for online marketing, you came to the right place.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons every business requires Instagram for online marketing, different ways a business could do this, and the benefits concerning the same.



Reasons to Use Instagram for Every Business

A business that’s not on Instagram doesn’t understand the countless benefits of using Instagram for marketing. Here’s why every brand or business should have a platform immediately.

– There are more than 800 million active users on Instagram with a lot of people visiting the site several times every day. With a great Instagram strategy, the success a business can achieve is limitless.

– No matter the business you have, it can thrive. Although success can’t be achieved overnight, a marketing team can get their business on the map by maintaining an active presence and keeping a routine of posting a minimum of one post every day.

– Instagram can directly be used to generate money. Today, much emphasis has been on making money via product placement. Mostly, tags are added to the products in their respective photos with links that mention the product’s price, description and the ability to “buy now”, which will attract the user to your online store. The new service makes it easy for businesses to have actual sales from Instagram.

– Your business can partner with various influencers who will usually promote a product or brand to get it to the mainstream.

– You can increase your business’s visibility by using hashtags.

– You can also engage with your customers, who can give you constructive remarks or reviews. The more comments and likes you get, the more your business becomes visible.


Different Ways Your Business Could Use Instagram

There’re very many ways you could use Instagram for your business to drive the traffic you need and eventually make money.

1. Show your products
2. Go behind the scenes and show the methods involved in creating your product
3. Illustrate how your products can be used
4. Show around your office
5. Get your followers feeling special
6. Make your employees known
7. Bring your consumers with you
8. Share celebrity sightings

Advantages of Using Instagram for Any Business

Now that you already know the ways you could utilize Instagram for your business and the reasons why every business needs Instagram, let us look at the benefits involved.

– Connect with consumers. Since everyone can search, find and even follow your business, this allows them to share your content with other people via tagging, which helps in increasing interest in your particular product.

– Reach new audiences. For businesses that use Instagram, they can attract consumers that they would not usually target. As a result, businesses can increase their traffic digitally and even in reality.

– Understand what people are interested in. By using the search function, you can easily know the trends on Instagram. In turn, businesses can create content to suit more consumers.

– Generate sales. With any of these benefits, your business will have an easy time increasing its cash flow or driving new visitors to your page depending on your product.

– Promote your other marketing channels. Since you can easily link Instagram to any other major social media networks you are in such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., it becomes easy to share content.


Wrapping Up…

A lot of people are paying much attention to Instagram today, and you’d only be ignoring lots of potential customers by not using this powerful platform. In case you have any questions or you’re looking for more information, HD Marketing will be eager to assist you with your online marketing needs.