Tips For A Beautiful And Functional Web Design.

We live in a digital world and companies are being forced to channel most of their marketing efforts online since that is where most of the customers can be accessed easily. Your website acts as your online headquarters, and a good design should be on top of all your online marketing priorities. A beautiful and well functional web design has a significant impact on how customers see you and the amount of time they spend there, things which also affect your SEO rankings and conversion rates. Web design is a collection of several things and here are some of the tips for beautiful one;

Speed It Up.

It is useless to have a good-looking site that is slow. Web users have a reputation for being impatient, and you should ensure your website is fast. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, your visitors will probably lose their patience and look on the other options, which are your competitors. Some of the things that affect your website’s loading times are the graphics and videos. If you do not have to use them a lot, avoid them as much as possible. It is better to opt for the old and more attractive looking words and improve your sites speed since your visitor may not even stick long enough to check out the video you insist on having on your site.

Image Quality.

functional web designNowadays, you do not have any excuse for using low-quality images on your site. They appear ugly and can paint an unprofessional image of your company, something that can deter a potential customer. Always use the best images available as they make your site look attractive and sharp.

Responsive Design.

Online metrics have indicated that customers are using mobile devices to access the internet more than they do use desktop devices. You cannot precisely determine what your potential customers will use to access your site, and you need to have a responsive web design in place. This is a design that can actively sense the screen size of the device being used to access it and adjust accordingly. It is very terrible accessing a website made for desktop devices which are about 24 inches using a 5-inch device as one will have to strain to see the small words.

Use The Right Color Scheme.

Color can be your make or break factor when designing your website. Well, there is no fixed way to go about your color scheme as it all depends on your firm. It is always advisable to have a consistent theme all round so that customers can recognize your brand whether they see it online or physically. If you are in the more professional and serious industries such as legal services or realtor services, it is good to opt for the more sharp colors that give out a bold impression. However, if you are selling ice-cream or children toys, you could play around with the screaming color themes since they portray what you are dealing with.


All web users will visit your site for some information, and you should display all the relevant content prominently. Things such as your contact information should be available prominently as well as the call to action. At the end of it all, you expect a potential customer to contact you for the commodities you have in question, and they should not struggle to do that. However, do not be too salesy when displaying this information since customers do not like businesses that are interested in the sales as opposed to helping the customer solve their problem or get the information they need.

Some of the tips for designing a beautiful and functional website have been mentioned above, and you need to take this aspect of your business seriously. Find a reliable web designer in your area and have them develop a site that is molded in the image of your business.